Dr. Jason Wang

Board certified pediatrician and Founder of Desert Pediatrics


UNLV in Las Vegas


Paul Foster School of Medicine in El Paso

About Dr. Wang

Hi! I’m Dr. Jason Wang (pronounced Wong). Welcome to my small practice here in El Paso!

Originally, I was born and raised in Richardson, a suburb of Dallas. I left high school at 16 and went to the Texas Academy of Math and Science in Denton, and then subsequently UT Austin. I was accepted to medical school and came to El Paso, and am now a proud graduate of 3rd class of TTUHSC here in El Paso in 2015. I love having the opportunity to be able to return and give back to the community which has helped me to become a physician.

After medical school, I did my pediatrics medical training/residency at UNLV in Las Vegas, which was an extremely busy program. In my 3 years in Las Vegas, I learned to treat vastly complex medical cases, and worked with many specialists. After my training, I have worked as a travel doctor at over 20 hospitals across the nation. In these hospitals, I have worked with a different set of pediatricians from the best institutions across the country and the planet. I currently hold 5 active state medical licenses in Tx, Az, NM, Nevada, and Maine. This gives me a very unique approach to medicine here in the border city that you may not find with another doctor.

My approach to medicine is slightly different. I have always tried to appreciate the patient side of medicine. My goal is to help you to get to your goals, and treat your child in the manner which works best for you. I like to present my patients with different options, and help walk you through the pros and cons of each option, and come up with a mutually agreeable treatment plan, while understanding that nothing in medicine is black and white.

As a new practice, independently owned, it allows me more freedom to shape the vision which I want to see. I like to keep my practice low volume, and low cost. This allows me to not have to see 200 people a day, which means that I get a lot more time with you. The goal is to not have you wait in the waiting room for 3 hrs, just to see me for 2 minutes.

Please bear with me as I work on and build my practice. I don’t advertise at all, and it has only been built by word of mouth. I strive for excellence. Please note, I enjoy my vacations and travel occasionally to cover at other hospitals out of town. However, I will always be available for tele appointments and am always available by phone, especially for emergencies!

Talk to me about my hobbies! I love watching hockey, and my team is Vegas. I also watch most of the UT football games. I play piano and love cooking. Since the end of the pandemic, I’ve been dedicated to traveling and exploring Mexico and the rest of the Americas. I also have a very strong financial background, and if your teenager or tweenager wants to chat about financial advice/guidance, book an appointment with me and I love to give career counseling.

Book an appointment and I’d love to meet you and your family.


Jason Wang, M.D.